trendy tuesday...

Lauren Jamieson

Every Tuesday, I intend on writing or sharing a little something something to make me smile. It may be a new local haunt, a travel destination, an experience, a hair or make up trend, photography tips... ooooh, you are in for a treat! :)

Drumroll.... Welcome to 'Trendy Tuesday!'

This week I'm starting with something I know really well. My fabric neckwears... Abby, Ava and Ruby.

The Galaday* is coming up and with it means traditional black and white dress code (if you are a traditional type of guy or gal!). I've popped a few designs together to spruce you up and make you stand out from the crowd of rosettes... you may despise the Galaday, but simply just like black and white - a real monochrome lover, so these too would work into your wardrobe!

Here's how I'd wear them...

All these styles will be available for purchase from tomorrow, at Kids Threads/Eden - my Galashiels stockist. If you would like to place an order for a bespoke design - for example a 'blue, black and white Ruby' - then please do so through by emailing, or through a private message on Facebook.

Cut off date for Galaday designs - Saturday 25th June xoxo

*Galaday - Celebration of the town that is Galashiels.