Ladies Day Style!

Lauren Jamieson

I’m delighted to be working alongside the lovely team at Kelso Races again this year and look forward to judging the best dressed Lady on Ladies Day, Sunday 26th May, Kelso Racecourse.

To be selected for one of the best dressed, you’ll need to present yourself around the Photo Wall at some point between 12-2pm. We’ll be looking out you! There are some great prizes for the winners. Not only is there best dressed Lady, but also Best dressed Couple, Best dressed Hat and newly introduced, Best dressed Male. More finer details will be released around the judging and prizes in the near future, just keep posted on social channels.

So, what to wear…? Ahh, so many options this season. Florals, neons, organzas, silks, two pieces… it’s a jungle on the high street! To get you into the dressing up mood, i’ve created a little board of inspiration. <<< Click on the link to get the pdf with shopping links, leading through to all the online stores presented.

Hopefully i’ll of narrowed down the craziness of the stores and you find something you like. It may just inspire you into something you weren’t even thinking of! I’ve left the accessories out for now… as dress should come first… but I personally have been known to get a few head pieces organised prior to finding the right dress! (My wedding day for one!)

If you’d like a full copy of this file, please drop me a line and i’ll flick it over to you. Or if you would like any help with how to style a dress for Race Day, or to assist with an Upcoming Event, please do get in touch…

Please remember i’m available every Tuesday 12-2 to drop in and shop, or I have a weekend set aside to get all my lovely customers ready for spring summer.

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