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'Editing life with a splash of Colour' is the company mantra behind The Colourful Edit, created by Scottish Borders Stylist, Lauren Kate Jamieson.

Lauren is a strategic, creative thinker and has knowledge and background experience in Advertising, Creative Services, Marketing, Styling, Event Planning and Photography.

The Colourful Edit was born out of a passion to make life a little more colourful and acts as an umbrella for the following service offerings; 


Having worked as a colour analyst, personal stylist, bridal stylist and accessories stylist, Lauren has the personal skills, (patience), and knowledge of how to dress you to make you feel more confident. The 'Colour, Shape and Style' session is all you need to get you back on track!


The Colourful Edit Accessories are stocked throughout the country. There is also an ONLINE SHOP which is updated seasonally. Every time a neckwear is created, it's designed with purpose and with the intent that the wearer will feel really good and confident in their bespoke creation. It's been an incredible journey with the accessories so far, and an exciting road ahead!


With her background in Advertising, Marketing and Social Media... 'Styling your Brand' is something that Lauren can tackle for your small business or personal venture. Small start up brainstorms, brand look and feel, logos , e-commerce sites, social media management, and stationery are all up for grabs!


Lauren is happy to work on your brand, taking pictures of your set up, staff, products - building a story. Happy to also document your special occasion.

EVENTS - ‘The Colourful Edits’
Lauren hosts a number of monthly, quarterly and seasonal events, keep posted for upcoming events across Social Media Channels.


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The Colourful Edit, The Colourful Edit, The Colourful Edit
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